ARCA Provides Comprehensive Community Based, Cognitive Functional Rehabilitation

The impact of a brain injury is as unique to each person as the level, type and duration of care should be.  ARCA’s person centered, community based program provides a full continuum of care including residential rehabilitation, long-term, in-home services, community inclusion and day treatment services. Our model provides options based on the needs of the individual and welcomes the family into the rehabilitation process.

We will:

  • Conduct personal assessments
  • Develop an individualized plan to enhance quality of life. 
    • Outcomes are based on each person’s strengths, interests and needs
    • Outcomes provide the tools  to enhance lost skills
  • Provide a structure to accomplish the goals of the plan including:
    • 24-hour, fully staffed, residential support in small homes in the community
    • Independent, with supports, community based living
    • Family based residential supports
  • Perform 90-day evaluations and adjust plans as appropriate
  • Offer subject specific training to families

For more information please contact Michael Langford at (505) 235-7478, or via email.